There are countless techniques used in wrestling, with some being more effective than others. Watching high-level wrestlers can be very beneficial. Watching how they move and setup shots can help give you ideas of what you need to do when you wrestle. You can see the moves they are hitting against the best in the world and bring those moves into your arsenal. You don’t have to just watch them wrestle matches, most of them have a lot of technique videos on the internet that you can learn from. Watching video is important and can make a big difference in your success out on the mat. 

Jordan Burroughs Hand and Feet Movement Drill 

Jordan Burroughs Chain Wrestling Double to Single Leg Takedown 

Jordan Burroughs | Re-Attack | Pt. 1

Jordan Burroughs | Re-Attack | Pt. 2

Setups: Angle Drills - Brandon Slay | FCA Wrestling Technique

Shadow Wrestling Drill: Cary Kolat Wrestling Moves

Takedown Drill: Shoulder Roll Finish - Cary Kolat Wrestling Moves

Positioning on Feet: Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Touch and Move Opponent

Sweep Single Takedown - Cary Kolat Wrestling Moves

Clearing A Front Headlock - Cary Kolat Wrestling Moves

Arm Bar Turn - Cary Kolat Wrestling Moves

Sit Out Hip Heist Recovery From Breakdown - Cary Kolat Wrestling Moves

Seal Hand Control Drill: Stand ups, Knee Slides and Critical Bottom Skills and Techniques

Zain Retherford Boot In Power Half

Cross Wrist Tilt - Joey McKenna & Carl Perry | FCA Wrestling Technique