The EWC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. If you are interested in getting involved as an EWC member please complete the EWC Adult Membership link. Memberships will include being active in all events and meetings as well as having a voice in the future of the program for the student-athletes associated with this program. You can also email to get more information on getting involved. 

The monthly EWC meeting of officers will be the second Monday of each month following the Athletics Boosters meeting. If change in the date is necessary, 3 day notice will be given to all members. 

The next EWC Board meeting will take place: 

You can review the EWC Bylaws  here.

Board of Officers

Jaimie Kratzer


Cara Hale

Vice President

TJ Middleton


Sam Crowl


Pete Flores

High School Representative

Lindsey McBride

Middle School Representative

Brandi Taylor

Youth Representative

Andy Brough


EWC Members

Jamie Wirick

Drew Lashaway 

Pam Connell

Lindsey McBride 

Ethan  McBride

Cindy Hayward

Sarah Flores

Megan Pollock

Sarah Hummel 

Timothy & Austin Lewicz

Brandi Taylor

Kyle Taylor

Connie Weis

Sam Crowl

Doug Hayward

Andrew Brough 

Jamie Kuhlman

Dawn Sosbe

Whitney Recker

Ann Hale

Warren Hale

Dakota Wendt

Melissa Hale

Tony Violi

Courtney Trenchik

Melissa South

Cassie Stevenson

Ami Harbert

Jami Moenter

Jami Moenter

Joshua Brubaker

Kara Sentle

Thomas Dauer

Sarah Meuleman

Brittney Dyer

Ashley Culp

Greg Gonyer 

Denise Goodman

Don Taylor 

Corey Russell 

Michele Wolf

Jeseka Wagner

Samantha Cross

Katerina Moreno

Erin Huber

Jessica Cotterman

Nichole Brown

Jaycee Brown

Maria Brasel

Kelsey Stoner

Chelsea Hoffmann

Courtney Swartz

Morgan Lenke

Brandi Menchhofer

Tim Menchhofer

Melissa Schimmoeller 

Codie Sours

Matt Butzier 

Cara Hale

Pedro Flores

Jaimie Kratzer

Brad Kratzer

Grant Hale

Mindy Norton

Mike Norton