Eastwood Wrestling Calendar

It is recommended that everyone subscribe to the EWC calendar as that has all tournaments and meets in addition to other events for all ages. Then based on the age of your participant you can subscribe to additional calendars that best fit your needs using the buttons below. You are welcome to subscribe to all the calendars if you wish. Having separate calendars just helps with organization and allows people to view at a macro and micro level. 

ALL ages and experience levels are welcome at any events posted on the schedule. This movement forward includes everyone as ONE. No groups or individuals stand above the rest and we are truly in this together working for the most positive experience for all the participants. 

If you click the +Google Calendar icon in the lower right corner of the calendar on this page, your device will give you the option to subscribe to one or multiple calendars all at once. 

Calendar Key:

*Please hold your child and yourself accountable to be at the scheduled events. THANK YOU!

There is no secret to winning. If you put the time in the wrestling room, work hard, and make it important to improve you will have success!