Drew Lashaway

Head Coach

Bryan Lippert 

HS Assistant Coach

Sam Cotterman

HS Volunteer Coach

Steve Cotterman

HS Volunteer Coach

John Wagner 

Tournament Director

Adam Hoffmann

Head Middle School Coach

Dan Mundrick 

Assistant Middle School Coach

Pete Flores

Volunteer HS/Youth Coach

Grant Hale 

Volunteer HS/Youth Coach

Kyle Taylor 

Volunteer HS/Youth Coach

Chuck Sosbe 

EWC Girls/Volunteer Youth Coach

DJ Burdette

Volunteer Youth Coach

Brian Sabo

Strength Training Coach

Andy Friess

Strength Training Coach

Coaching philosophy and structure are important components of any coaching program, and they play a significant role in driving culture change. Here are some key considerations when developing a coaching philosophy and structure to support culture change:

Overall, a coaching philosophy and structure that supports culture change should be focused on continuous improvement, collaboration, and accountability. By creating a structured coaching program that emphasizes these values, you can help your team develop the skills and mindset they need to drive positive change and achieve their goals.